Welcome to Edge of Dreams! We are a fansite for professional wrestling superstar and WWE Hall Of Famer Edge. Having retired from the ring in 2011, he dived into the world of acting. On January 26th 2020 he returned to the ring at the Royal Rumble. Here you will find all the latest news, photos, and videos related to Edge, as well as a peek inside his illustrious pro wrestling career. Thank you so much for visiting. I hope that you come back again soon.
Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Aug 3rd 2021

Smackdown: July 23rd, 2021

Edge addresses Seth Rollins actions at Money In the Bank.
9 Digitals
392 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Jul 19th 2021

Money In the Bank: July 18th, 2021

Edge vs. Roman Reigns
28 Digitals
1997 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Jul 18th 2021

Smackdown: July 16th, 2021

Edge, Rey and Dominic Mysterio vs. Roman Reigns and the Usos
9 Digitals
468 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Jul 11th 2021

Smackdown: July 9th 2021

Edge sends another message to Roman Reigns and the Usos ahead of Money In the Bank with help from Rey and Dominic Mysterio.
11 Digitals
362 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Jul 4th 2021

Smackdown: July 2nd, 2021

Edge sends a message to Roman Reigns ahead of Money In the Bank.
16 Digitals
708 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Jun 26th 2021

Smackdown: June 25th 2021

Edge returns and has unfinished business with Roman Reigns
8 Digitals
186 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Apr 15th 2021

WrestleMania 37

Edge vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.
32 Digitals
998 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Apr 15th 2021

Smackdown: April 2nd 2021

Edge, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan have one last confrontation before their big match.
4 Digitals
591 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Apr 15th 2021

Smackdown: March 26th 2021

Edge has had enough of Daniel Bryan in his main event match.
20 Digitals
533 Captures

Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Apr 15th 2021

Fastlane 2021

Edge is the special enforcer for the match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.
6 Digitals
298 Captures

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