Welcome to Edge of Dreams! We are a fansite for professional wrestling superstar and WWE Hall Of Famer Edge. Having retired from the ring in 2011, he dived into the world of acting. On January 26th 2020 he returned to the ring at the Royal Rumble. Here you will find all the latest news, photos, and videos related to Edge, as well as a peek inside his illustrious pro wrestling career. Thank you so much for visiting. I hope that you come back again soon.
Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Mar 30th 2015

Haven Season 3 Episode 07 : Magic Hour Pt 1


Season 07 Episode Magic Hour Pt 1
With Audrey and Duke following a lead in Colorado, Nathan and Tommy must deal with the latest “trouble” on their own when they discover someone in town has the ability to raise the dead.
62 Captures
Season 03 Episode 07: Magic Hour Pt 1
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Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Mar 30th 2015

Haven Season 3 Episode 06 : Real Estate


Season 3 Episode 06 – Real Estate
On Halloween night, Audrey, Nathan, Duke and the others are lured to an infamous Haven haunted house –
and become trapped inside.
3 Digitals
49 Captures
Season 3 Episode 06: Real Estate
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Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Mar 30th 2015

Haven Season 3 Episode 02 : Stay


Season 3 Episode 02 – Stay
A group of inarticulate half-naked men run amok in Haven and kidnap a small boy. To bring him safely home, his father must first learn the meaning of kindness and find the spirit of humanity.
3 Digitals
144 Captures
Season 3 Episode 02: Stay
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Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Mar 30th 2015

Haven Season 3 Episode 01: 301


Season 3 Episode 01 – 301
Audrey is held hostage by a mysterious man who will do anything to learn the whereabouts of the Colorado Kid. At the same time, Nathan and Duke work to solve the mystery of the strange UFO-related occurrences afflicting Haven.
186 Captures
Season 3 Episode 01: 301
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Season 2 Episode 11 – Business As Usual
The investigation into people dying by severe dehydration leads Audry and Nathan to butt heads. Duke finds the “crocker” box again, and his search into it’s past leads him to discover things about his own family history. Nathan gives Audry a clue into the past of Lucy Ripley, which leads to some surprising developments.
6 Digitals
232 Captures
Season 2 Episode 11: Business As Usual
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Season 2 Episode 10 – Who, What, Where, Wendigo?
A serial killer is hiding in the woods.
Two groups, one led by Nathan, the other by the Rev,
search for a kidnapping victim before the killer gets him.
2 Digitals
221 Captures
Season 2 Episode 10: Who, What, Where, Wendigo?
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Posted by: RavenCage
Date: Mar 30th 2015

Haven: Season 2 Episode 9 – Lockdown


Season 2 Episode 9 – Lockdown
There’s a new sheriff in town, and his first case requires him to lock down the Sheriff’s Department when people start dying. Nathan and Audrey try to determine who the troubled person is that is causing the deaths, while someone else positions snipers outside to make sure no one escapes before the trouble clears.
2 Digitals
122 Captures
Adam Copeland on Haven
Season 2 Episode 9: Lockdown

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Season 2 Episode 4 – Sparks and Recreation:
Electricity flows freely through town,
and Audrey needs to discover how the trouble is related to Haven’s new focus of adoration.
6 Digitals
124 Captures
Adam Copeland on Haven
Season 2 Episode 4: Sparks and Recreation

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