Welcome to Edge of Dreams! We are a fansite for professional wrestling superstar and WWE Hall Of Famer Edge. Having retired from the ring in 2011, he dived into the world of acting. On January 26th 2020 he returned to the ring at the Royal Rumble. Here you will find all the latest news, photos, and videos related to Edge, as well as a peek inside his illustrious pro wrestling career. Thank you so much for visiting. I hope that you come back again soon.

Edge and Christian look to fit in on the mean streets of Greenwich, Heath Slater’s got more kids, and class is in session with Jeff Jarrett!
650 Captures
Straight Out of Greenwich

Witness the whirlwind journey to success by an unknown Superstar! Plus, a musical performance for the ages and the return of ice cream bars!
278 Captures
The Heartbreak Kinder

Edge, Christian and the gang embark on an EPIC adventure, encountering friends and foes along their search for some very unlikely treasure!
447 Captures
Hey You Guuuyyysss!

Edge and Christian’s return hits a bit of a snag in the WWE Chairman’s office, but they make the most of their quality time with the boss.
523 Captures
Weekend At Vinny’s


Edge and Christian Show
Episode #12 – Wacksquash
1359 Captures
Episode #12


Edge and Christian Show
Episode #11 – Feelin So Scratchy
1036 Captures
Episode #11


Edge and Christian Show
Episode #10 – Addicted to the Shindig
1072 Captures
Episode #10


Edge and Christian Show
Episode #9 – If it Smells Like Sushi
1159 Captures
Episode #9


Edge and Christian Show
Episode #8: Old School
985 Captures
Episode #8


Edge and Christian Show
Episode #7: TLC
960 Captures
Episode #7

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